The amazing benefits of closed cell foams

closed cell polyethylene foam mats closed cell polyethylene foam mats

It’s no secret that closed-cell foam is one of the most versatile materials used by man. It has a wide variety of applications and benefits which we’re going to explore now. But before we start, please note that we offer a vast range of foams, including closed-cell foams. We can cut them to any size or shape with any density. If you would like a no-obligation chat about what you need and what we can supply you with, feel free to contact our team for more info.

Our experienced team can cut your foam precisely and accurately, so it’s perfect for your project.

What is a closed-cell foam?

Closed-cell foam is also known as polyethylene foam. It’s constructed of uniform cells that are sealed shut so neither water nor air can pass through. It’s more rigid than what you find with an open-cell foam which can take on water. Closed-cell foam is shock-resistant, a vibration absorber and offers thermal insulation. Polyethylene is a durable foam that is also available in a flame retardant version, so it can also be used inside the home.

It’s important to note that closed-cell foam is also flexible, wipeable, moisture resistant and waterproof. It comes in various forms, including EVA foam, SBR foam rubber, polyethylene foam, and neoprene foam. Compared to open-cell foams – it won’t take on water. Open-cell foams can absorb water as they don’t have cells sealed from each other but are more like a sponge.

Where will you find closed-cell foams in use?

Typical closed-cell items are yoga mats, swim noodles, cosplay, medical components, and it is also found in building and caravan insulation. It’s easy to make, cut and use and is suited to all kinds of projects, including creative projects, boat projects, home projects and caravan projects. It’s available in a wide range of colours and densities. We can supply cut to size closed cell foam.

What are the benefits of closed-cell foams?

Closed-cell foam offers many benefits, which is why you’ll see it being used daily.

Waterproof and mould resistant – this foam won’t allow water or air to pass through it. This means it offers sealed protection against anything like mould, rot, bacteria or even mildew. It’s wipeable and can be used as a barrier against moisture.

plastazote closed cell foamsplastazote closed cell foams

Thermal proof – the closed-cell foam can withstand temperatures and protect against them – from -60c to 90c. This feature means it’s excellent for insulating buildings and being used in extreme climates such as deserts etc.

Durable with a long lifespan – it’s not easy for the closed-cell foam to deteriorate. You’re not going to get a lot of dry rot with this material. It will last for years and is used to insulate homes as it will last the life span of the building: this saves money, time and trouble.

Buoyant - excellent for pool noodles, water park mats, boats and is popular in the watersports and marine industries.

Strong – not only is the closed-cell foam firm, but it’s also lightweight and resistant to wear and tear. This means it’s durable but with rigidity and is excellent for packaging.

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