Square / Rectangle Shape

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    How to measure:
  • Please don't measure your existing foam as this would have lost its shape due to use and age.
  • If you are replacing cushions, please make sure that you measure between the sewing seams of the cushion either with the foam inside or fully stretched out and then add around 2cm to the thickness to nicely fill out the cushion.
  • We recommend that that you use our Poly Fibre wrap for your cushions. However please do not change your foam measurements because of the wrap. The Poly Fibre wrap will fit the cover perfectly and give the cushion a more filled out appearance.
  • Please note on this shape "width" is the side to side measurement and "length" is the back to front measurement.
  • In the event of uncertainty please contact our customer services team who are there to help. Please call 0800 1934488 or click Contact us at the top menu.
    For more help please call us on 0800-1934488 or email us.
How to measure How to measure your foam
How to measure your foam



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