Foam used for floor cushions

Floor cushion foams Floor cushion foams

Scale a new peak of comfort with floor cushions. For some, it may sound a little Bohemian to sit on floor cushions. But do you know that sitting on the floor is the new norm and the preferred relaxation mode?

However, an essential for floor sitting is floor cushions to give you the padding and comfort you need to enjoy it.

What’s the story of foam floor cushions?

There’s no doubt that humans love comfort. They want everything padded without the possibility of bones squashed against anything hard. You may have noticed that even in death, people have a padded coffin.

When Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered and opened, inside were several pieces of furniture. The purpose of these was to give Tutankhamun a comfortable place to relax on his journey to the afterlife.

The first use of floor cushions was thought to be more than 1000 years ago.

What is Floor Culture?

Through the ages, floor culture has been fully established in many different Asian countries. For example, Japan, Pakistan, India and South Korea are more likely to sit on the floor than on furniture.

Foams used for floor seating cushions Foams used for floor seating cushions

China once had a floor culture, although it is thought to have been replaced by chairs when the Han dynasty came along.

Throughout the practising countries, floor culture is instilled in different ways. For example, in India, it’s traditional to sit on the floor to eat. Sitting on the floor is also part of worship, death rituals, wedding ceremonies and mediation.

Over in South Korea, you’ll find families on the floor for eating, relaxing and watching television. It’s also a preferred way to sit for socialising.

The history of floor cushions

A Japanese floor cushion, known as the Zabuton, has been used by many important people such as Buddhist monks, those in the imperial court and anybody recognised for having a critical status. The Zabuton is still used today, and you can see them in use at Sumo wrestling events, in period drams and at Rakugo, which is a type of entertainment in Japan.

In China, floor cushions are known as the putuan and are round. They are typically used for Zen meditation practices. The putuan has influenced what the Japanese use for floor cushions – which are known as Zafu.

Floor cushions in your home

With the world becoming a smaller place every day, it’s now increasingly common to see floor cushions in the homes of western countries. They make an alternative for more traditional furniture pieces and are easy to move around.

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