A Quick Guide to Foam Padding

Foam padding Foam padding

We all know that foam is an incredibly versatile and durable material, and is therefore used in a range of applications across multiple industries.

What is foam padding?

Foam padding is usually made from polyurethane and is used in applications where it can help protect, support or add comfort to items both small and on a large industrial scale. Foam is a material that is available in a range of sizes, densities and thicknesses, and therefore can be created in custom shapes making it a suitable choice for even the most obscure padding applications.

Foam padding in particular is a popular choice as a protective material as it is able to provide items with appropriate insulation, cushioning and overall protection from damage.

How is foam padding made?

Foam padding is made through a manufacturing process commonly known as foam fabrication. The material begins as a liquid which is combined with various chemicals that encourage the chemical reaction to create the foam product. This liquid is then poured into standard shaped moulds.

For custom shapes and sizes, the foam is then cut using specialist equipment. Additional qualities can also be added to the foam during the manufacturing process.

What types of foam are best for padding?

Various types of foam are used for padding, all of which are chosen for their individual properties and qualities. These characteristics are selected for certain applications. For example, polyurethane foam padding is the most versatile and suits most applications as it offers a good level of durability, protection and comfort.

Elsewhere, memory foam is a brilliant choice for furniture items and items that need to be protected from sudden knocks or bumps. It has a great ability to contour under pressure and revert back to its original shape.

Applications of foam padding

Foam padding has many different applications, including in packaging to provide protection and shock absorption, and in similar applications where goods or special components need to be guarded against damage.

It is also commonly used in the furniture industry in upholstered seating, cushions and mattresses, and offers support to the user. In sports, foam padding can also be found in helmets and equipment such as gym mats. Elsewhere, it can be found in medical applications and soundproofing solutions.

How to buy foam padding online

Buying foam padding online is easy, even for custom-made orders! Using cut to size tools, such on our websites cut to size calculator, make it straightforward to order foam padding in certain shapes, sizes and dimensions.

It’s as easy as selecting your required density, size and thickness, and choosing the type of foam that best suits your needs!

Feel free to contact us to discuss any of your requirements.

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