Foam uses in schools & Education

Foam used in schools Foam used in schools

How is Foam Used in Schools and Education Facilities?

There is no end to the wonders of foam. It is put to use in so many areas of our lives including in schools and education facilities.

Before we delve into finding out how foam is used in schools, just for a moment, imagine a world without foam. How hard. How sharp. How dangerous. How uncomfortable! No comfy seating, no comfortable bedding and no comfy pillows, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In our blog posts section, we really enjoy exploring the world of foam and discovering all the amazing uses of this fabulous invention. After all, it’s used in so many different ways in the modern world. Without further ado, let’s hop into the area of how foam is used in schools and education facilities around the UK.

Foams used in school arts and crafts

Schools and facilities for all ages buy foam from both AnyFoam and other suppliers for a range of different purposes. Many times it is for an art and craft project. Let’s take a look at the type of projects that foam is suited to.

A personalised mirror: quite a fun little project for schoolchildren is to make a personalised mirror using foam letters and a foam sheet as the mirror frame. The foam sheet can be cut in half and glued to the back of the mirror with overlapping sides. Then stick the foam alphabet letters around the foam frame to spell out the name of the student.

Foam used in education Foam used in education

Crafting projects with foam: Foam is sold in different shapes that can be trimmed or used as is on cards and artwork made by the children. Nursery schools love using foam for crafting purposes. Here are a few craft project ideas that young children would love:

  • Provide safety scissors, and the children can cut out animals or other figurines.
  • Cut out sheets of foam to create an under the sea scene with fish and whales.
  • Create a zoo with different animals and different colour foam sheets to represent the different areas of the zoo.

Foams used in school sports

From the protection on the poles of the rugby goals to the crash pads, students use as they jump from hanging bars. There’s also the floor mats used for exercise, such as yoga and stretching, not to mention the more innovative uses of foam. You’ll find all kinds of uses for foam in modern school. They can help to prevent accidents and overall make things more comfortable for pupils.

Another use of foam is as a foam sword for use in fencing practice. Safer than a real sword, foam swords allow for mistakes. Other sports equipment such as the shot put, the javelin, and the hammer can all now be sourced in foam to help keep students safe.

Foam used in sports Foam used in sports

These days children may wear headgear for sports such as hockey and cricket. Foam is used to pad out the cricket helmet and give it more comfortable than a hard helmet would typically have. More fun in the gym can be had from foam used to build a ‘pirates course’ where you have to keep your feet off the ground as you move around the sports hall. Crash pads are also used for the high jump or vaulting box and as a foam surround for the springboard.

Foams used in other school activities

It may be quite a while back now, but you may recall taking a lunchtime nap on foam floor mats in primary school. It gave us a chance to rest and not be so tired and irritable for the teachers. It also gave them a few moments to catch up with themselves after directing a class of four and five-year-olds.

Music rooms can enjoy the acoustic benefits of installing acoustic foam. Acoustic foam changes the sound of any music and can also protect the noise levels in the school, meaning academic classes can continue without fear of the noise penetrating.

Nurseries and early childcare centres can make great use of foam seating for their little ones. It can be low down so that it’s easy for the children to use and sit down, and it’s not hard with stiff legs, as you’ll find with chairs. Building blocks and construction sets where the foam can link are also very popular with education facilities for young children.

There are so many different uses of foam in every area of life. However, nurseries and other educational facilities can really make the best of foam, and we hope we’ve inspired you on how foam is used in schools so that you, too, can enjoy its benefits.

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