How to Measure Foam for Sofa Cushions

How to measure for sofa foam cushions How to measure for sofa foam cushions

Measuring for Custom Sofa Foam

Measuring foam cushions doesn't have to be complicated – it all starts with understanding how to measure accurately. Sofa and back cushions on a standard sofa usually have the same measurements. You might not have even considered sofa foam refilling. It's a cost-effective way to revive a tired old sofa into something that's comfortable and provides the right level of support.

Before ordering your foam, you need to know how to measure the cushion cover to ensure that your foam is the right fit. You will have to take two main measurements: the back cushion and the seat cushion.

The back cushion usually consists of luxury medium density foam. Seat cushions typically require a high-density foam; however, this is dependant on the thickness of the foam needed. There are a wide range of suitable upholstery foams available.

Once you take your measurements, always double-check them. Try measuring the back and the front of your cushions to check that they are consistent and where there are multiple cushions, such as on the sofa, make sure that you measure the backs and the seats to make sure they are the same.

Measuring Guide for Custom Sofa Foam

As the original cushion's filling can distort and compress over time, it is advised that you avoid measuring the inners of the cover. It is always best to measure the cushion cover itself. To take accurate measurements, you don't necessarily need to remove the cushion from the cover. To create the new cushion, you need to measure the length, width, and thickness.

Sofa foam cushions Sofa foam cushions

Measure the length and thickness of the covers, being sure to place the tape measure from seam to seam or in between piping on a box style where it exists on the cover, pulling the cover as tight as you can to achieve the best and most accurate outcome. Avoid measuring across the centre of the cushion as there may be a slight indentation or dome to it, which will affect the accuracy of your measurements.

Remember that there may be a lot of empty space inside your cushion cover due to the existing filling that has deteriorated. Pull the covers as tight as you can. When measuring the width or length of your cushions, try measuring the back and the front. The measurements of the cover can sometimes vary slightly between the back and the front.

When measuring the back cushions, they are sometimes softer, so more attention should be paid to the measuring process. If you measure with the original filling's still inside the covers, plump the cushions before you start measuring to ensure greater accuracy.

Next, measure the thickness in the same manner, from seam to seam or piping to piping. However, for the thickness measurement, we generally advise adding an extra 1-2cm for the new foam inserts to fill out the cover.

When it comes to foam cut to size, we offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs. We take huge pride in the foam products we provide and ensure that all foams meet strict British standards and specifications. We can shape and deliver the most accurate, custom sofa foam for commercial or domestic uses with the correct measurements.

Should you need any help with measuring for your foam cushions, please feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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