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Upholstery foam Upholstery foam

What is upholstery foam?

Upholstery foam is made from polyurethane foam and is typically a collection of foams available in a range of thicknesses and densities. One of the most important qualities of upholstery foam is the density of the sheet used, which influences the intended application.

What is upholstery foam made of?

The majority of upholstery foam is made from flexible polyurethane foam, also known as FPF. This type of foam offers a cushioning effect to the user and is made via a chemical reaction of polyols and isocyanates. At times, latex foam is also used as an upholstery foam.

There are various types of upholstery foam available, and those available on the market are similar apart from different variations in thickness and overall foam densities. Upholstery foam is usually sold with a density rating (paired with a recommended end use). This density rating is influenced by the quantity of urethane chemicals used alongside water during the manufacturing process. The end result is an upholstery foam that is either of a lower or higher density.

Foams of a higher density are typically more expensive than lower density foams, but they often have a longer life span. This is because denser foams will retain their shape over time, due to the higher quantities of urethane used in the production stage.

What’s more is that upholstery foams are usually sold with a ILD rating, which stands for indentation load reflection. This is a type of measurement that helps to determine the amount of weight or pressure needed to reduce the foam’s thickness by 25%. The ILD rating helps the user determine the best application for the foam.

Upholstery foam at home Upholstery foam at home

Best upholstery foam cutting and shaping tools

Many people look for upholstery foam cut to size, but others like to create their own custom size upholstery foam. The best tools to use for cutting and shaping foam include serrated knives and foam hot knifes, which can be found widely available online and in craft stores. Hot knives are great for thicker and higher density pieces of foam that are flame retardant. Sharp craft knives or box cutters are also incredibly popular for shaping foam pieces, particularly when looking to create curved edges.

How to cut upholstery foam at home?

The best way to cut upholstery foam at home is to use a serrated knife - also known as a bread knife! Mark your intended shape or dimensions on a foam sheet using a pencil or washable marker and begin by first scoring over the line using a knife. Ensure to do this before making the full cut and use a straightedge to help guide you. Do not lean on the foam when cutting or tracing your shape, as you will end up with an uneven cut.

How to shape upholstery foam at home?

You can shape and cut upholstery foam at home using a simple craft knife. Be sure to take your time and only cut small sections in one go. Alternatively, you can smooth out round edges on firmer, denser foam by using a fine grater or coarse sandpaper for a smooth, rounded finish. If you’d rather not shape your own foam, AnyFoam provides upholstery foam cut to order and custom cut upholstery foam.

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