Uses of Soft density foam

soft density foam soft density foam

The purpose of Soft Foam and where to buy it

At Anyfoam, we stock a massive range of all types of foams, including soft foam and other firmer foams. We even stock foam that is really quite hard! You can find it all at Anyfoam. No matter what you need, you'll find your foam on our site. We cut to size and also supply soft foam sheets – for any project.

What types of foam are soft?

The soft foam used for situations where comfort is required is typically polyurethane foam. You can use it to make back cushions, padding, sofas and even costumes. We wouldn't recommend using this foam for seating, but it's excellent for headboards, packaging and other purposes that won't be taking a lot of weight.

However, some polyurethane is rigid, and some are medium hardness, so don't feel that you can buy any polyurethane to solve your foam requirements. You might want to take a look at these soft foam sheets first.

Another type of foam that can give a lot of comfort and support is memory foam. You can find this on our memory foam toppers page, the thinner the memory foam the softer it is.

soft foam uses headboard soft foam uses headboard

Soft Foam Applications

Although soft foam can be very comfortable, it's not always the best foam to use. Soft foam is too weak and flimsy for use when making a sofa cushion or other types of pillows. There's not enough support for them nor enough thickness to get comfortable.

Are soft foams low density?

Foam density is not related to how hard or soft a foam feels. The density measurement is related to the weight of a foam per cubic foot. So a soft foam can be high density or low density. It really depends on how much foam there is in it.

Buying Soft Foam Online

It's easy to buy soft foam from us here at Anyfoam. You can take a look at our range, and whether you want a memory foam mattress or something to make cushions with, we have what you need. We also sell soft foam sheets, which you can use for a vast range of applications. In addition to buying soft foam sheets, you may opt to ask us to cut them for you. Just head over to our foam cut to size page and enter your dimensions. We'll get the team to cut your foam to exactly the right size for you. If you order before 11.30 am, you can get your foam delivered the very next day.

If you're a company with the need for regular deliveries of foam, you may even qualify for a bulk order discount.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any of your requirements.

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