Reconstituted Foam – Here's What You Need To Know

What is reconstituted foam What is reconstituted foam

What is reconstituted foam, and what do you need to know about it?

Also known as chip foam or crumb foam, reconstituted foam consists of remnants and leftover polyurethane foam pieces. These pieces are compacted and bonded together for a resilient and durable product. Reconstituted foam has a long lifespan and is typically used in buses, trucks, motor homes, contract seating and mattresses.

Due to its durability and resilience, it's ideal for use in areas that get a lot of heavy usages, such as pub seating, bus seating, crash mats, gym mats and even church kneelers. Reconstituted foam is also great for sound insulation and packaging, with this protection level protecting items either in storage or being transported.

Available in various weights, it has a marbled and multi-coloured effect from all the different pieces of foam used to create it. It's durable and resilient and can cope with heavy usage, making it ideal for public transport use.

What's great about this type of foam is that it can be made into sheets or cut to size. Sometimes it's used with other foam to provide extra comfort.

Reconstituted foam is cost-effective and eco-friendly

As it's a recycled product, it's good for the environment and cost-effective. There are so many pluses about this product, and it's becoming more popular as more people discover its value in being eco-friendly and highly versatile. Reconstituted foam uses the offcuts of foam leftover from shaping pieces of foam.

Commercial chip foam Commercial chip foam

How is reconstituted foam made?

Polyurethane foam offcuts are often leftover when it's being cut to make other products. It wouldn't be good to waste these pieces, so they make this chip foam. The offcuts are fed into a shredding machine, where it's turned into a crumbled foam. These crumbles are then tightly compressed. Bonded together, they are then made into a usable product. The outcome is a marbled or multi-coloured foam that is highly affordable and ideal for various uses.

Buy your Reconstituted foam from AnyFoam

If you've been looking around for some quality reconstituted foam, then you can buy it from us. We will cut it to your size or shape. Even if you don't see this product listed under our offers, we can source it for you.

Some of our buyers want chip foam that they use directly as packaging material or for seating. Just let us know what you need it for when you get in touch.

Here at AnyFoam, we sell so many different foams. Whatever you're looking for, we are bound to have it. Whether it's memory foam sheets, acoustic tiles for soundproofing or even aquatic foams, you know you're going to get a quality made product made to last. Whatever you want to use the reconstituted foam for, it will be of the quality you need to give you a long service life.

For example, you may want to use it in the following:

Contract seating foam Contract seating foam
  • Bus and truck seating
  • Car seating
  • Marine seating
  • Caravan seating or bedding
  • Train seating
  • Audio
  • Soundproofing
  • Packaging

Our customers use reconstituted foam in a range of different ways. We even had one who bought some to make his own crash mats. These mats are being used to protect his flooring against his weightlifting bar when he drops it from a height.

The future of foam

We work with a variety of chemical companies with a focus on keeping foam environmentally friendly. As time goes on, we hope that the government will install recycling bins for foam. This will make it possible for items such as foam cushions, washing up sponges, and other household items to be returned to a manufacturer who can shred the foam to repurpose it and convert it into reconstituted foam.

Our interest is in protecting the environment and cutting back on using the world's resources without some reuse. It's also essential to cut back on emissions to clean the air for all of us to breathe.

Our team at AnyFoam are very accommodating. Whatever your questions or requirements, we will help you source what you need and get the foam to you in the form you need.

Reconstituted foam infographic

Feel free to contact us to discuss any of your requirements.

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