Replacement Sofa Cushions

Replacing sofa cushions Replacing sofa cushions

The task of replacing sofa cushions is far easier than it may look. It’s also a way to give your sofa and your living room a new lease of life. As well as not being comfortable, a saggy sofa isn’t good for your back as your body will sit unevenly. You’ll find yourself leaning to one side or the other, and over time it could even leave you with a long term physiotherapy issue. However, it’s far easier to fix than you may realise. You certainly won’t have to take out a loan to do it, as may be the case if you decide to replace your entire sofa.

Sofa foam cushion replacement is easy

There’s no doubt that when you take delivery of your cushions, you’ll be surprised at how much better both your cushions and your sofa looks! You’ll be wanting to invite the neighbours round to see them!

Here at AnyFoam, we can help you with replacing your sofa cushions. We are one of the leading foam suppliers in the UK, and we’re known for giving exceptional customer service. Now let’s find out how you’re going to measure your sofa cushions so that you can get the correct sized foam.

The first step to take when replacing sofa cushions is to measure your cushions. The easiest way to get this right is to remove the cushion foam from your sofa covers. Now take the measuring tape and measure the width, length and depth of the cushion. Now add 10mm to 25mm to the thickness/depth to account for the compression of the cushion when it’s inside your sofa cushion cover.

Replacing foam cushions Replacing foam cushions

What is stockinette, and why is it needed?

When you put your foam sofa cushions into the cover, it’s easier to do it if you have what is known as Stockinette undercover. You may also want to add a Dacron wrap. The Dacron wrap is also referred to as wadding or poly fibre – and it also raises the foam to look fuller and better. It also provides some protection to the foam, which will make it last longer and be more durable. The stockinette is a thin ‘mesh’ like undercover that will make it easier to slide the foam into the cushion cover.

Replacing your sofa cushions with foam from Anyfoam

Our customers like buying their foam from AnyFoam, whether it’s for replacing sofa cushions or for other purposes - it’s the quality of our products. We only supply quality foam, and after many years in the industry, we can tell the difference between the low and high quality. You can also check out our other blog article for advice on how to measure for sofa foam cushions.

Now you can head over to our foam cut to size page. You can enter the measurements you took of your cushion, and we will cut the foam for you to replace the foam cushions you have now. Our team here at AnyFoam are very accommodating, so if you need any advice or help – contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

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